Diễn Viên Carlo Carerra

Carlo Carerra

Thông tin diễn viên

Porn powerhouse Carlo Carerra (aka Carlos Carrera) was born in the Dominican Republic and now lives and works in Miami, Florida. Despite being an astounding 6 feet 5 inches and 220 pounds, this towering dude treats his sexy little costars gently, worshipping their tits and asses before pounding them with his big Caribbean cock. Women twitch with pleasure when he uses his huge hands to massage their tiny pussies, and we love watching how committed he is to every single scene. Before getting into porn in 2008, this muscular man used to be a Miami bouncer in nightclubs, and people used to call him the Gentle Giant because of his massive height and relaxed, down to earth manner. Every one Carlo is around enjoys his presence, and he loves to crack jokes and make his co-stars laugh before picking them up and drilling them. Carlo Carerra is an all-around gentlemen and dedicated actor.

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