Diễn Viên Johnny Goodluck

Johnny Goodluck

Thông tin diễn viên

Babes love men who are snappy dressers, good in the kitchen, and even better in the bedroom, so it's no surprise that they flock to Johnny Goodluck! Before his porn debut, this tall and muscular hunk was a chef who spent his days whipping up the most delicious creations before heading out to rock shows every night in his signature Rockabilly style. If he hit it off with a sexy alt beauty, he would invite her back to his place and demonstrate his talents to make her cum all night long! No wonder this tatted-up ginger stud first caught the eye and later won the heart of alt porn starlet Draven Star. After getting a taste of the pornstar life through watching his wife at work, Johnny chose to bring his old-fashioned charm and up-to-the-minute sexual skills to the adult film biz! He may be a bad boy who normally hangs out in the back of the class, but check out his scenes now and you'll see that Johnny belongs in the spotlight.

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